Markel Gruber

Markel Gruber

Managing Director, Madrid

Markel joined Global Switch as Managing Director, Madrid in 2005.


Throughout his career, Markel has gained extensive knowledge regarding high performance computing technologies in mission-critical environments and artificial intelligence whilst working for a range of global companies. Prior to joining Global Switch, Markel worked with major IT manufacturers including EMC, SUN Microsystems, NCR-Teradata, UNISYS and Burroughs. He completed projects based on high performance computing technologies in mission-critical environments such as airlines and utilities and developed large accounts throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Markel is an undergraduate in IT and holds an MBA from ESEM.

Responsibilities at Global Switch

Since joining Global Switch Madrid, Markel has grown the data centre to be one of the most important gateways to North and South America, as well as other major European markets. It has attracted numerous customers and partners, including major cloud providers, seeking to develop their business in this rich, hyperconnected ecosystem. Markel is responsible for the operational environment and is committed to continual improvement and has overseen the team successfully obtaining all key ISO certifications as well as ISO 50001.

Markel is President of ASLAN, an association of network infrastructure suppliers, data centre, internet and telecommunication providers and is also an associate member of IT councils and commerce chambers, promoting and encouraging business development in the Spanish market.