Global Switch adds Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions to its data centres

Global Switch adds Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions to its data centres

Release date: 19.05.2015

Global Switch, a leading large-scale, carrier-neutral, multi-tenanted data centre provider has announced that Level 3 Communications' Cloud Connect Solutions will be available from its data centres across Europe and Asia-Pacific. The service will connect Global Switch's customers, including system integrators, financial institutions, enterprises and government organisations, to Level 3 Cloud Connect's growing ecosystem.  Level 3 Cloud Connect provides customers with highly secure network connectivity to a range of leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

By leveraging Level 3's virtual private network (VPN) services, Global Switch's customers will be able to utilise pre-established interconnections and scale their bandwidth on demand.  In a hybrid environment, transferring large data sets is expedited with greater bandwidth capacity, which also improves the performance of real-time voice and data feeds. Customers will be able to migrate and operate business-critical applications in a hybrid cloud environment that delivers greater performance, security and flexibility.

"We are delighted to now have Level 3 Cloud Connect solutions available at Global Switch's data centres throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific. With many of our customers adopting cloud-based solutions, the importance of secure, reliable and scalable connectivity options only increases," said Steven Potts, Global Switch's Regional Connectivity Director, Europe. "Level 3's developing cloud ecosystem is a very valuable addition to the solution set available to our customers today."

By utilising Level 3 Cloud Connect solutions, Global Switch can help its customers reduce the costs related to cloud adoption, improve application performance and provide the ability to scale connections based on each customer's needs at any given time. Additionally, Global Switch customers will gain the flexibility to choose the cloud model and cloud provider that best meets their needs, access bandwidth dynamically and pay only for what they use. Bandwidth can be scaled more quickly and efficiently, and customers can leverage the cost savings associated with operating a hybrid cloud environment.


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