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We own and operate 10 world-class facilities that house a myriad of organizations seeking high specification technical space for their mission critical equipment. They choose Global Switch for our resilient power and cooling, robust security, sophisticated monitoring systems as well as connectivity, cloud and managed services.

  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific

All of our European data centers are in Tier 1 markets

Europe Paris Madrid London Amsterdam Frankfurt

All of our Asia-Pacific data centers are in Tier 1 markets

Asia-Pacific Singapore Sydney Hong Kong
London London East 65,542 sq m of gross space/ 46MVA
Global Switch House
3 Nutmeg Lane , London E14 2AX
United Kingdom
London North 23,439 sq m of gross space/29MVA
East India Dock House
240 East India Dock Road
London E14 9YY, United kingdom
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